You best believe I’m going to read that in-flight from cover

canada goose Tags daily fresh luxury airline nonstop dan See other tags Tags Here’s why luxury airline YouTube videos should be your next online obsession It’s hard to believe that some people live like this. By Kelly Earley Monday 27 Aug 2018 canada goose outlet store , 8:00 AM Aug 27th 2018, 8:00 AM 5,931 Views 3 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4199527 Share7 Tweet Email1 WE’VE ALL GOTTEN addicted to watching strange YouTube channels at some point.I’ve got friends who have invested far too many hours of their lives watching videos of people unboxing army ration packs, others who have binged on a series that takes a really in-depth look at why Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell is one of the worst people to ever grace this planet, and some who unwind before bed by looking at reviews of all of the food that’s on offer at Disneyland Tokyo.They do pizza in Disneyland Tokyo, btw. Source: Thingamavlogs/YoutubeFor me, my latest obsession is luxury airline YouTube.Sometimes it feels like the cons of using the internet in 2018 heavily outweigh the pros, but every now and then you’ll stumble across something genuinely very interesting and feel grateful that you have access to pretty much all of the information in the world.Because I don’t fly very often (I have been on two planes in the last eight years), going to the airport and boarding a flight is a very exciting affair. You best believe I’m going to read that in-flight from cover to cover.I’ll most definitely order a tin of Pringles and a weird tube of pâté, even though I would never, for a second, consider combining those foods while on the ground. I’ll even take the puke bag out to have a look at it. I will take advantage of piece of entertainment that Aer Lingus has to offer me.Source: PA Archive/PA ImagesSo, if I was on a plane that offered me something that was actually somewhat entertaining, I’d probably lose my mind.Imagine my unbridled joy the day that YouTube recommended a video called ‘Brutally Honest Review of Etihad’s A380 First Class Apartment’. This isn’t even a plane seat, it’s an entire suite with hardwood floors and a bed. Passengers are provided with robes and slippers.You don’t have to get far into any of these videos to learn that the most fascinating aspect of them is not the actual plane, but the astounding levels of entitlement displayed by the YouTubers who upload them.Source: SIPA USA/PA ImagesA very popular flight reviewer who runs a channel called Nonstop Dan has traveled on many planes that are nicer than any house or hotel room that I’ve ever been in, and still walks away complaining about the fact that the flight attendants spoke to him using his first name, rather than calling him Mr. Goz.In another video, Nonstop Dan went on a flight that costs more than two years worth of college education in Ireland and complained about the fact that he was served by several different attendants over the course of the flight, rather than just one, which ruined the experience. He felt it was not personal enough for him. Source: Nonstop Dan/YouTubeHe is the worst nightmare of every retail worker , but for some reason it’s impossible to stop watching. In some of his videos, he goes on Ryanair, just for the laugh. Naturally, he brands the experience as ‘hideous’.However, the videos are interesting enough to overlook this guy’s extremely unrealistic expectations. Just turn the volume down and you can enjoy a tour of the plane’s shower and while considering which options you’d go for if you were given the chance to order off the plane’s five-course dinner menu.canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka