Yes nullification is a thing but the entire judicial system

We live in a world where trained cops can panic and act on impulse

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Canada Goose online The feature is reserved for true, purposefully off topic spam content like shock images, porn, gore, misleading canada goose outlet kokemuksia links, and automated mass marketing posts or canada goose uk for violations of Reddit site wide rules. Using canada goose outlet las vegas this feature frivolously only makes it harder for the moderation team to discern and remove true spam posts in a timely canada goose outlet store toronto manner. If a user is making posts like those listed above, submit a report and complete the report by enabling the option to block the user so you won see any more of their activity. Trolls only find any pleasure in posting this stuff because of attention it brings them. Don give them any. Due to our jury selection process, it likely the 13 they picked aren representative at all. the Colorado Batman canada goose outlet london uk theater shooter had 1200!) and then each side vetos either the next person up or replaces someone in the jury box with them. It unlikely anyone with a strong enough view on cops to nullify the jury was left by the time they were done, even if 50%+ of the real community would have nullified the trial. It not a jury of your peers if they selected by trial lawyers imo. Should be random. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats This is incompatible with the idea of a unanimous verdict. All it would take is one kook or contrarian, and no matter how obvious the guilt/innocence is, that person votes the other way. Might not happen for every trial, but it canada goose clothing uk would happen enough to be detrimental. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale This is the justification for having potential jurors be vetted by both sides. Allows them to filter out such people. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online Of course, it also allows them too much manipulative power, as you pointed out. Decided by a jury but prosecuted by canada goose outlet store near me the government. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose online The same government the cop is a part of and then also the judge is part of that government. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale If the government wants someone to go free a jury isn the be all and end all. In fact they are supposed to go off the facts presented so there still a lot of fuckery that can (and does) go on. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale And that ignores the fact that you go by the laws the government has, not by your own opinion. Yes nullification is a thing but the entire judicial system tries to avoid that like the plague but the opposite isn a thing. You can just create a crime or apply a crime he not charged with. The 90% of police who are law abiding do this. The don canada goose outlet uk do this, and this ability to freely escalate the situation to deadly force without reason should be stripped from them. canada goose outlet toronto factory or the police could police themselves and put a stop to this nonsense before policies become enacted that harm all of them. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store This should be gross canada goose outlet jackets negligence not just because he mistook Castile for pulling a gun, but because he also canada goose factory outlet vancouver refused to take any other reasonable action to determine if the situation was actually a legitimate threat. In my opinion he had no reasonable basis to fear for his life (a test a civilian who did this would face) because there 1) was no visible weapon and 2) no articulable suspicion that Castile was going to commit assault with a deadly weapon by brandishing one. What kind of idiot criminal canada goose outlet florida would get stopped for a tail light, comply with the law to disclose that he had a CCL, and then proceed to shoot a cop? If someone tells a cop they have a gun in a non threatening way, it should make the cop less nervous, not more nervous. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Plus, it demonstrates that a mandatory disclosure canada goose outlet in uk law is a really bad idea. I don think police academies train like they used to. Training involves very intense behavior canada goose outlet hong kong that breaks a person down to get to the more primal level and engraining them with new instincts. I know for a fact that the military has become extremely lax in their ”training”. [Navy] Boot camp is basically summer camp compared to my experience not even 8 years ago. They can tell at you or touch you or anything like that. I imagine police academies have gone a similar route canada goose outlet in canada because it ”too hard” or ”too mean”. I don know what ”studies” the other person is referring to but canada goose outlet belgium training canada goose shop uk of a soldier or police officer can never be the same as that of a knowledge worker or computer programmer Canada Goose Outlet.