Yes, Chilean health care professionals who object to abortion

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buy canada goose jacket Of course, in a Catholic dominated country like Chile with a total abortion ban, the new law represents a major advance, and it will undoubtedly help many women. We appreciate the challenges and hard work to get the law passed and acknowledge it may canada goose outlet near me have been difficult to do so without CO as a political compromise. Unfortunately, last minute lobbying by Catholic hospitals resulted in a court’s expansion of the CO clause in the law, giving the ”right” of CO to not just doctors, but also support workers and even institutions (when only individuals can have a conscience). Yes, Chilean health care professionals who object to abortion and the new abortion law have been using the conscientious objection debate as a political weapon to undermine and repeal the new democratically decided law. They are being disobedient, not conscientious, because they are prioritizing their personal religious beliefs over women’s right to heath and life. CO is ”dishonourable disobedience.”[2] In contrast, other doctors exercise a conscientious commitment to their patients’ well being and safety by providing abortion when necessary, especially in a stigmatized or legally canada goose outlet parka restricted environment such as Chile. buy canada goose jacket

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