”We [wanted] to be more downtown

An Exclusive Look at Brian Atwood’s ‘B’

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Photo: Kelly Stuart It took Brian Atwood about a year to make B canada goose parka sale , his new bridge line yokosukabase , a reality. The idea struck last February and the deal was signed by August. The finishing touches were still being put on his showroom when we left last night, but the shoes, well, they’re perfect.”We [wanted] to be more downtown, and less red carpet, but of course you’ll have high heels because that’s what people associate with me,” Atwood says of the shoes. There will be four collections each year, with a stable of classics in varying prints and materials. Fans of Atwood’s Maniac will snap up the jewel tone platform peep toes by the handful and the Italian suede booties are a no-brainer.The round toe boot—it comes in everything from black leather to red ponyhair—is the first shoe Atwood designed in the B collection: ”I wanted to get this round toe and thicker heel down first, and then from that we did the stiletto. I wanted the metal heel because it’s going to be so big for fall.” Photo: Kelly Stuart – Continue Reading BelowHis love of heels—even at a significantly lower price point than his eponymous line—isn’t shocking, but his new found respect for flats may be. There are zippered ballet flats and studded brogues scattered amongst the platform hiking boots and stacked penny loafers.Atwood says the hardest part, aside from editing the collection down, was figuring out how to stay luxurious at this price point. But the $200 to $600 shoe market is wide open, so it’s no surprise that everyone from Barneys to Shopbop’s picked up the collection. ”When we first got our costs, we were like, ”Wow this is really expensive!” But we figured it out. I think it has to be the best shoe so I don’t always think of the cost, but this is a different product.” Photo: Kelly Stuart – Continue Reading BelowThe challenges were easily surmounted, and Atwood’s already thinking beyond shoes. ”Are bags and jewelry on the horizon? Yes,” he promises. And in case you’d dare to question the strength of the Atwood brand, he reassures us, ”Of course, there’s always going to be animal print!”

An Exclusive Look at Brian Atwood’s ‘B’

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