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cheap Canada Goose Not everyone’s got a passport, a driving licence and all of that. I think people will be disenfranchised.”Labour’s spokeswoman for voter engagement, Cat Smith, described the pilots as a ”fiasco”.And she said the introduction of ID checks was ”a sledgehammer to crack a nut”, after the Electoral Commission watchdog found only 28 cases of ”personation” voter fraud by claiming a false identity in local and national elections in 2017.”There was absolutely no case for introducing voter ID in the first place but, after yesterday’s fiasco, it is impossible for the Government to justify rolling it out,” said Ms Smith.”After completely ignoring a number of serious warning signs, the Government decided to canada goose outlet in canada pilot discriminatory measures which denied people their right to vote.”We cannot allow the Conservative Party to undermine our democracy, which is why Labour is calling on the Government to scrap their voter ID plans as a matter of urgency.”The scale of in person voter fraud in 2017A Government spokesman insisted the pilots had been a ”success”.”Voter ID is an important step to ensuring canada goose stockists uk the public can have greater confidence in our democratic system and the success of yesterday’s pilots proves that this is a reasonable and proportionate measure to take,” said the spokesman.”The overwhelming majority of people cast their vote without a problem. We will evaluate the pilots before announcing the next steps in delivering voter ID nationally cheap Canada Goose.