Try not to be too hard on the admin

This helps the constant flow of this site. Try not to be too hard on the admin. They are people too.. Thunderbolt from afar > Dive in > Cool Your Head > Second Part of Thunderbolt > Reposition closer to Pot Shot > Stationary Trick Shot > Hold Up Heat Shot > Hold Up Phantom Sniping > Rapid Fire > Whatever else Pot Shot would be close to CD by now if max CDR so you can repeat.This works for most bosses and for mobs they usually die at the Phantom Sniping part if both of your nukes crit. You always Thunderbolt first since this debuffs them. ALWAYS keep your Dive buff up, 8.6% ATK and 10% PEN is huge.

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Bathing Suits I disagree, as does a substantial part of the playerbase. One of the core components of RPG systems is that rarity and limitations should be related to power. The rarer or more limited something is, the stronger it should be. I know this was a joke, but just for the edification of anybody reading this: Teachers aren paid for doing nothing during the summer. We don get paychecks for those two months unless we opt to have the county withhold part of our paychecks to be paid out during the summer (year round schools do this automatically since we do teach during those two months, but we don receive county level supplement pay during those two months, so our paychecks during the summer are 7 14% smaller, depending on the school). We also don necessarily take all of that time off. Bathing Suits

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dresses sale Yeah that been an issue with the series forever, especially the handhelds but that understandable because they aren powerful enough to render a bunch of NPCs. Thankfully it being fixed in this entry as we seen square full of people in the Tangled world. The Toy Story world by nature isn gonna be full of characters walking around and doing things and we only seen Mount Olympus of the Hercules world, I sure that the Coliseum part of it will have people, hell we might even go to Athens like in BBS which should be similar to the tangled world dresses sale.