Too many things meld together into bigger

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5 points submitted 12 days agoUgh. One of the more HARD Japanese servant in F/GO, I can even properly google her, hermes belt replica at least they wrote in the mats who she is and what her story is compared to Osakabe who just a youkai where they can make some fun characterization or OG stuff.So a just a little question, What are Demon Kings exactly? I think there are 9 Heavens but how exactly does that correlate with demon kings? Ugh. Far Eastern Mythology/Theology is so far off my hermes replica blanket research interest.So the characters she name drops in her mats have the potential to be summonable especially Otakemaru who the birkin replica last remaining calamity of Japan that hasn formally replica bags appeared yet(excluding Foxtail flashback) while Tamura(shortening his name cause it a mouthful) could also appear but he probably low priority compared to Otake.

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