They are mostly a bunch of insecure liars who repeat the same


buy moncler jackets Originally published October 12, 2012 buy moncler jackets

I cry for Amanda but more for our world. Those who attempt to express truth are sacrificed by virtually all. The insecurity foisted cheap moncler on every child by our societies demand to have vain substance valued greater than all else moncler outlet left Amanda alone.

moncler outlet Very few parents teach strength to their children. The reason is basic; the parents have no strength of their own. Nice clothes, a good job, a fancy car and great grammar provides companionship. Truth and the straight goods provokes animosity as it exposes the fallacy of our entire society. moncler outlet

The western world; Canada, the USA, Australia and the European Union depend on stupidity and vanity.

We raise our children to cope in a world of lies. Our parents lie to hide uncomfortable truths and political leadership lie to keep their jobs. Industry lies to keep moncler sale outlet their profits moncler jackets outlet and children lie to appease their lying parents.

cheap cheap moncler outlet moncler jackets Scientist’s cover up facts which might disprove a theory. The Egyptian Pyramids are the best example. Egyptians refuse to even entertain facts pointing to their construction earlier than the Pharaohs. They do this, continue with lies, to sustain their cultures misguided belief that their ancestors constructed them. cheap moncler jackets

The USA is lying about the events of September 11 and the Government of BC is lying about the corruption and bribes behind the sale of BC Rail.

moncler sale outlet Even before a child reaches Kindergarten they learn how to manipulate the truth so they can get through their day without attacks from others. Some learn how to manipulate others to orchestrate a desired result. A young girl might whisper in the ear of another to moncler sale get a small group to terrorize someone this child was offended by. moncler sale outlet

monlcer down jackets This behaviour is learned before the age of five as the children listen to their parents conversations, on the phone or even in the same room. Men and women of our society engage in conversations with each other in complete insecurity. We denigrate, degrade and demonize others behind their backs in an effort to raise our own self importance in the eyes of others. monlcer down jackets

This is the sad state of affairs that has led to the suicide death of yet another child.

We are all to blame.

BC Premier Christy Clark is as much to cheap moncler jackets blame for this child’s death as are the children who are being singled out for bullying Amanda. The children are not to blame, moncler factory outlet they simply learned moncler outlet sale from Premier Clark and her ilk.

moncler outlet online Clark has lied and bullied. Her and her forerunner, Gordon Campbell, are rewarded for being completely untruthful and for forcing their will on others. They are not alone. moncler outlet online

moncler mens jackets Overly self conscious people, insecure, vulnerable, weak people are the backbone of our society; those who cannot and will not speak up for themselves and the truth they know. moncler mens jackets

We are generally moncler jacket sale afraid to be attacked by a malicious bully, one who might employ other weak kneed insecure hacks to insinuate sly and insidious actions against us. So we all hide in our homes flicking the remote control laughing at incessant non sense, avoiding the difficult but necessary role of leadership.

cheap moncler Why, because from before the age of five, and enforced throughout our grade school experiences, keeping quiet and lying provides the best rewards; socially and financially. cheap moncler

cheap moncler coats There is nothing we can do for Amanda and likely there will be many copy cat suicides as she gets notoriety. cheap moncler coats

But it is all your fault, you, your siblings, your parents and theirs.

As we write on this web medium we get hundreds if not thousands of comments from readers regarding the truth we expose, ”But please don’t use my name cause I know how this town works.”

It is not this town it is our entire western world.

cheap Moncler Outlet moncler sale Today the European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing about the EU is peaceful. They are mostly a bunch of insecure liars who repeat the same time worn lies to ensure they maintain their positions of power and influence. cheap moncler sale

moncler sale The police lie about the way the beat up people, the political leaders lie about how they reward contracts, the businessperson lies about their profits and losses, Japan lies about the nuclear accident, Baird lies about Syria, Harper lies to everyone and parents lies to their children about life. moncler sale

It is all a farce and until we begin to address the truth, the reality of our shallow moncler outlet jackets vain existence, our moncler outlet uk children will continue to find nothing worth living for.

moncler outlet sale Amanda did not die from cheap moncler coats bullying behaviour; she died because we are all a bunch of spineless insecure liars. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler outlet I dare Christy Clark and the rest of the BC Liberals to tell the truth about BC Rail and China. See, Amanda died for nothing. As Mother Teresa stated, or at least as she is quoted as stating; ”It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you choose. ” cheap moncler outlet

Rest in peace sweet child, I shed a tear for you and for all of us. As much as I wish your death was not in vain, I am afraid vanity has gotten the better of our world.