There was just one catch: They didn’t focus on graphics or

”These are people who are no longer in the new car ecosystem,” Wilkinson said. ”They’re not used to going to new car dealers for anything. It can be a very intimidating experience. In a bad video game, you’ll tend to refer to your onscreen character as ”him” (or, rarely, ”her”) ”Look at him fight that giant crab,” etc. But a more engrossing game inevitably has you referring to your exploits in the first person ”I’m sorry, I can’t join you for 11 hours of tantric sex right now, I have to kill this giant crab” and this is because games can put you in the boots of someone else, to the point where you might find yourself kinda sorta thinking like someone else. Psychologists have long detailed this phenomenon where you’ll behave according to what your perceived role in life is, and it’s games’ ability to harness this in a fun/harmless way that’s perhaps unique..

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