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canada goose factory sale Cereal stocks like Kellogg (K), General Mills (GIS) and Post Holdings (POST) retreated as well.The concern is that Amazon’s acquisition may force existing supermarkets to cut prices even on name brands, potentially squeezing the profit margins of these food companies. At the same time, Amazon has a private label food business that it can distribute at Whole Foods, while Whole Foods brands can be sold through Amazon’s website.Moreover, Amazon has just thrown its considerable weight behind a grocery chain in Whole Foods that doesn’t sell many of those companies’ name brand products, like Frosted Flakes or Campbell Soup.”Investors fear the competitive implications,” said Global Data’s Saunders.Contrast the grocery carnage on Wall Street with the extreme optimism around Amazon. The e commerce leader’s stock popped another 4% on Friday, lifting its market value to an incredible $477 billion canada goose factory sale.