The hardest parts are by far getting the phrasal verbs

Readers may have noticed: I almost never post anything here. It is not that I am inactive. It is simply that almost all my posting is done on facebook these days. Pronunciation of words was never too hard for me, but I was exposed to it since very young, so I learned how to speak faster than write, which was then just a matter of reading a bit to get.Portuguese helps because a ton of vocabulary in English is Latin, and the rest of the language is either simpler than Portuguese (conjugation, no genders, very simple tenses) or very well structured (compound logic for placing events in time like ”will have been going” or just adding the right suffix to change a word into a verb or noun. Portuguese is very rich in the sounds that it uses so even getting a decent accent isn too hard. The only sounds you guys have that we don is the ”th” and the weird ”r” thing, but both are fairly easy.The hardest parts are by far getting the phrasal verbs.

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