Thank goodness current ownership understood this and extended

American obsession with infallibility and constantly viewing onself as some kind of fucking hero is pretty impressively toxic.And yeah, if you one could sit through the list of publicized Black murders over the last several years, followed by racist coverage by media, followed by constant searches for justification by the public at large, only to come around post Charlottesville. I glad you finally came around, but it is definitely not too fucking awesome how long it took. 10 points submitted 12 days agoat first, racism and zionism.

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moncler outlet Second looks are also good but can be expensive on top of an already pricey interview season.Honestly just trust your gut moncler outlet jackets and when you find yourself getting caught up in cheap moncler coats the academic prestige circle jerk remember that it seven years of your young life and 90% of neurosurgeons go into non academic moncler outlet online practice and that big name may not be worth 7 years of living in a shit hole or dealing with semi psychotic residents / attendings.POSVT 5 points submitted 1 month agoSo you be extremely unprofessional, make a huge scene for no benefit, and make a baseless complaint that more than likely won go anywhere? (Except maybe a valid complaint against your license)I see from your post history you a pgy1 like I am, the idea of an intern running down to scream at a pharmacist over this is a little funny.While I agree with the sentiment that the behavior of the pharmacist is extremely shitty and borderline unprofessional (seriously, it some bullshit), you seem to have a blind spot in this area. Which is ok we all learn things every day, but moral objections are legally and professionally valid for PharmDs.The pharmacist is not a pill monkey who must blindly follow orders. In fact, nobody in healthcare must blindly follow your orders. moncler outlet

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