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I truly weep for my country if people can seriously believe the hyperbole and egotism in the McCain/Palin talking points. Constitutional rights, the Constitution?_Bush, far right wingers, including religious nutballs, have destroyed mushc of this already; to vote for McCain/Palin is a slap in the face to our democratic republic. And anyone who can seriously consider Sarah Palin anything but the non critical thinker she is, seriously needs to have his/her head examined.

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canada goose outlet store Totally agree. I just think that giving the ruling and professional classes a pass on same behavior that gets you a record otherwise (look at the crazy racial disparities in arrests and sentencing for drug use, despite the fact that we all use drugs at similar rates) has directly resulted in the maintenance of those laws. They don appear to be a problem for many elected officials because they don know anyone personally for whom they have been a problem canada goose outlet store.