shovel to break the freezer

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He was expected to arrive in Nogales, AZ, but he never made it.Officers discovered his frozen body Sunday inside a detached garage behind a home in the 1800 block of New Jersey Avenue.KCTV5 Sandra Olivas spoke to the property owners who said they currently rent the home to a woman and her daughter. That renter found the body in the freezer and notified police.According to the property owner, he spoke to his tenant, who told him that someone she knew asked to leave the locked freezer inside her garage. He said she recounted this happened in October.The landlord said the woman apparently recently used a shovel to break the freezer open, and then made the grisly discovery.”I own the house, but I have no knowledge of the freezer,” Don Moore told KCTV5.He said the man who allegedly placed the freezer in the garage is hospitalized and is battling terminal cancer.Muirhead 89 year old mother told KCTV5 that she last spoke with her son on Sept.

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