Once a modeler declares a build is ’complete’ or ’finished’ in

The charge controller helps prevent the panels from sending too little or too much current to your battery, plus it prevents the battery from discharging at night or on cloudy days.StepPurchase a 12 volt battery: Car and boat batteries work well with deep cycle marine batteries being the best for this type of use, but you can even use a small lawn and garden battery to get started.StepPurchase an AC to DC inverter. This gives you a standard household wall socket that you can plug the computer into.StepConnect your solar panel to the charge controller with the combined male/female plugs provided on each.StepConnect your charge controller to the battery. Some charge controllers require you to attach positive and negative wires; in this case attach the positive wire to the positive battery post and the negative wire to the negative battery post.If your charge controller has a male/female plug for connecting to the battery, you need an adapter that has the male/female combined plug on one end to connect to the controller, and the positive and negative wires on the other end to wire to the battery.Let the battery charge from the solar panel for several hours to one full day before using it the first time.StepConnect your inverter to the battery using the battery clips.

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