My mom and I were both put on this medication around the same

If we look at impairments, obviously you can see we peaked at 310 million that was post the euro crisis, we’re now down to a 109.5 million down 15%, slightly higher than the guidance we gave you but you know we had to take into consideration the outlook that we faced when we finalized the impairment numbers, but still more or less in line with the expectations. And you can see the bulk of them are actually from the legacy activities that the closed down book but still you know we’ve seen good performance on our line portfolios from a credit quality perspective. So if we look at the on going performance you can operating profit before tax up 0.6, 9.9 on a currency neutral, attributable earnings up 3.2%, 12.4 on a currency neutral basis and adjusted EPS up 2.3% I don’t know if that works, 11.4 on a currency neutral basis..

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wholesale bikinis I have never been in your situation but I can imagine being so far apart, I sure it been very hard for you. I sure she still has you in her mind and heart, she just gaining new experiences. If you have an honest conversation and set some ground rules about communication then you guys will get through this.My mom and I were both put on this medication around the same time (timing was a coincidence). wholesale bikinis

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