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I want a band and I want a drag queen serving margaritas. And I want guests to come on and I want them to give me a song from their childhood that we perform together with the band. And then they tell stories. I done it for several years with 7th graders, and while it will definitely function differently than it will with your seniors, it can be done. They will need a LOT of structure! We set up an inner circle and outer circle with set rounds (we did not do the ”tap someone to enter” as you outlined; I think that might be more than 7th grade would be ready for as opposed to just knowing when it is their turn). Round 1, group A is in the middle, and each person in group B is ”keeping score” for his or her set partner (how many times they answered, brought up a new question, derailed a conversation or made a personal comment, etc.) I had some groups that could handle just responding freely, but my class last year, we also had to have a ”talking stick” that went around the circle.

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