It’s an interesting concept

canada goose Now You Can Watch A Commercial Instead Of Paying An ATM Fee Madeleine Scinto Nov. 30, 2011, 3:26 PM Looking Glass, CC.An ATM at the music venue Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, N.Y. now gives patrons the option of watching an advertisement in lieu of paying an ATM fee. The company behind the fee-less ATM, Free ATMs NYC, plays a commercial on a 15-inch video screen above the machine while users make their transactions. When customers finish, they get a receipt with a company’s label on and a discount for a local business. It’s an interesting concept, especially with the recent uproar surrounding ATM fees. Of course, many banks still place a surcharge for those using ATMs out of their network. Clinton Townsend , the 25-year-old entrepreneur who founded the company, said he plans plans to lay out a ”portfolio of Free ATMS throughout New York City Canada Goose outlet store ,” according to the website. However, so far there’s only one. Townsend told the Times his goal is to give New Yorkers the chance to avoid big banks and the $3 fee they sometimes tack on to ATM withdrawals. Now see 15 things you should never waste your money on > canada goose parka