It will never be the timeless enduring multigenerational

This is not a new concept. This is not difficult to understand either. But you’re specifically targeting that sub because you don’t like them and you’re refusing to see the connection because you have an agenda.. So I hand him the McMuffin and he says ”Where is the other one? I wanted one free, to replace the Big B, and one other one!” Okay fine, asshole, I got customers lined up out my front door and no time to tell you how much of an idiot you are, so here your two McMuffins. As I hand them to him I say, very politely, ”Here you go, and next time if there something wrong with your food just bring it back right away, don eat half of it.” To which he tells me ”Don tell me not to eat it, if there something wrong I want it replaced” and storms away. Bitch you ate like 80% of your meal and bring it back, I give you TWO free things, and you still bitch at me?People who do this are scum, and the system only reinforces their bad behavior..

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