It has been his hobbyhorse from the moment the issue was raised

Outsiders may know the alt right for its disdain for liberal democracy, its belief in hard wired racial and gender distinctions, and its use of crude online memes to promote President Trump and ridicule its enemies (disproportionately women, Jews and members of minority groups). But the cheap jordan sneakers for men alt right is also fiercely committed to preserving and championing the great works of Western civilization. In its adherents’ eyes, politically correct ”social justice warriors” want to kill the classics, maliciously, as part of a larger project of ”white genocide,” which they define as the erasure of the white race and its culture through interracial reproduction and the celebration of diversity..

cheap Air max shoes For more than a year, Trump has dismissed it all as fake news and a hoax. He has accused the FBI and the special counsel of conducting a witch hunt. It has been his hobbyhorse from the moment the issue was raised, even though it was Trump as a candidate who encouraged the Russians to hack and find Clinton’s lost State Department emails and who used his campaign rallies to trumpet hacked Democratic emails that were being released by WikiLeaks during the last weeks of the campaign.. cheap Air max shoes

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