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His point may psychologically indicate he thinks this ”less worthy of life at age or value X”hoo hoo philosophy, tragically of his own kin and grandparents and theyd have it coming sadly if they raised him like that damn postmodernism esting itself alive cannibals damn dirty apes JimYou save everyone you can by the way whoever was saying that their should be random children from across the globe given treatment. The worlds life forces money unfortunately so you need to pay a ticket to get across the Tollbridge you need to pay your ticket to be in the hospital they paid their ticket their government betrayed them and now they want to become Italians so you all are just defending a totalitarian state well arguing that the parents are the selfish ones you were actually being more selfish in ways you won’t understand for me to even fathom the evil ideology that’s been brewing and allowed to growExcept there is going to be an outcome either way. And that outcome is the boy will die.Like you acknowledged, there is no treatment for his condition.The two scenarios here are the boy dies sooner, thus sparing him a ”life” of chronic seizures and pain.

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