I know his kids are precious to him

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Main homing would be fine if it worked like Homing Rocket launchers, in that it locks onto a giving target instead of the closest possible target. Really annoying when you try to throw it at a beefy target and it decides ”Nah fam, imma chase that thrall and veer into a wall instead”. Though I wouldn be apposed to a ”Hold Super to Lance” function instead.

Graduation rates also fell at New Explorers High School, High School for Health Careers and Sciences, and Holcombe L. Rucker School of Community, other schools that are being axed. All of these schools were created during earlier school reorganization plans under previous mayoral administrations.

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Imagine ASPD as a spectrum where there is evidence of subtle to extreme versions of the behavioral dysfunction. Sociopaths are generally thought of as a milder type than psychopaths. This makes them harder to recognize in the average work environment.