But, man, he whistles, that Ford SUV had great leg room, just

Shani Davis launches Olympic

Canada Goose Jackets Pokey, he certainly isn’t. Pokemon, yes, most definitely. Canada Goose Jackets

”Isn’t this cool?” says a beaming Shani Davis, stepping back to admire the unfurling of a gift from an adoring Japanese TV crew in a largely deserted mixed zone at the Richmond Oval a Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic canada goose outlet online store Games poster featuring Pikachu, the yellow electro shock pig Pokemon.

canada goose coats The planet’s flat out fastest 1,000 and 1,500 canada goose factory outlet vancouver metre man on a set of long blades is a Pixar prototype himself, the inspiration for ice surfin’ Frozone in the Oscar nominated The Incredibles. canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale But Davis is not only animation. On this day, he’s animated. canada goose black friday sale

uk canada goose So often pictured as aloof and self absorbed, the news that Davis will indeed stop and talk is received by a small knot of media with the slightly astonished anticipation of being granted 10 minutes with Garbo. And not only does Davis take time to chat, he’s witty, warm and accommodating, standing in gamely for every question. uk canada goose

”Well,” said one veteran chronicler of Davis, ”That was unexpected…

Was it nothing more than a carefully contrived PR reinvention? It’s a hard theory to accept, given he’s such a fiercely independent spirit. Caught him on a good day? Could be.

canada goose factory sale Or might it be, just maybe, we’re witnessing the emergence of the real Shani Davis, so long buried under the soft, damp earth of suspicion and mistrust? canada goose factory sale

Whatever, there’s a definite re working of the Davis persona heading into these Games. A Sports Illustrated Olympic preview edition piece, Alone At The Top, addressed the issue. Giving political pundit Stephen Colbert a 13 second dead start in a 500 metre match race on the wildly canada goose outlet 2015 popular Colbert Report, after calling Colbert ”a jerk” at the Calgary World Cup stop Dec. 3, proved to be an cheap canada goose adept lesson in humanization, comparable to killing machine George Foreman packing on the pounds and pitching grills or canada goose outlet michigan Bill Clinton playing the saxophone on late night TV.

The lighter side of anything can always be used as an inroad. You can’t dislike what you can laugh at or, in this case, laugh with.

”It was great to get to know him a bit better, as a comedian,” says Davis of Colbert. ”It was neat. It was fun.”

Oh yeah, he received a ton of positive feedback.

”More people asked more about the car I was driving than anything else (in the spot). ’That big car is your car?’ Well, actually, no, Davis drives Volkswagen Rabbit. But, man, he whistles, that Ford SUV had great leg room, just the ticket for a guy six foot two.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Standing still for a good 20 minutes, Davis addressed a number of topics Wednesday including his infatuation with most everything Japanese. He calls Hi Chus, a scrumptious soft chew concoction produced in Japan as ”the best candy in the world.” His girlfriend canada goose outlet in chicago is Japanese. On visits to the Land of the Rising Sun, he avidly explores temples. Seems he can’t get enough of Japanese cuisine, either. buy canada goose jacket cheap

And Japan, in turn, can’t get enough of Davis. He is, by all reports, an immensely popular figure there.

”Maybe,” he reckons, ”they just appreciate the fact that an American from the south side of Chicago who fell in love with their culture.”

Canada Goose online For so long, few in North America could quite determine whether they appreciated Davis. Respected him, yes. Wondered at him, certainly. But appreciation denotes a degree of affection, and this is something that has been elusive for Davis. Canada Goose online

uk canada goose outlet The highly opinionated outbursts by his unfailingly faithful mother, Cherie known as the Bonnie Lindros of speedskating haven’t helped endear him to the media, who in turn are like it or not, fair or not his conduit to the public. He’s portrayed as canada goose outlet seattle enigmatic, apart. uk canada goose outlet

With Davis, it’s difficult to separate fact from supposition.

Wednesday, though, not a hint of the infamous truculence when a Dutch journalist broaches the contentious team pursuit issue (Davis didn’t skate the event in Turin four years ago, choosing to focus on individual events and igniting a maelstrom of criticism) and he is not going to race it in Vancouver. The hot button topic of Canada’s new Jetsons style state of the art suits barely elicits a polite yawn.

”If https://www.canadagooseoutlets.biz you feel fast in them, they’re canada goose outlet london fast. If you don’t, you’re slow,” he says, looking as if he could care less. ”It’s the person inside the suit that counts.”

What’s inside the suit has Davis apart from every other middle distance long tracker of his generation. A prohibitive favourite in the 1,000 and 1,500 metres, he’ll also give the 500 and 5,000 metres a whirl in Vancouver, too.

Another enigmatic athlete often portrayed as difficult to get a handle on can’t, or won’t, try to shed any light on the puzzling, often exasperating, Davis phenomenon.

”What’s going on his head, I couldn’t say,” replies Canadian speedskating star Jeremy Wotherspoon, smiling slightly. ”He’s his own person.

”As a skater, I’ve never seen him give up or give in. He competes all the time. Physiologically, he’s ideal for a skater. And he has a great engine, a great motor, for middle distances. Enough power to put himself in front, enough endurance to keep himself there.”

canada goose uk shop Being in front on the ice has never been a problem for Davis. Being up front about his opinions off it, either. canada goose uk shop

At 27, though, might there might be less reason to be contentious?

”No negative thoughts,” vows Davis. ”I’m not looking at the past. I’m only canada goose outlet canada looking ahead. I’m more positive going into (the Olympics) this time. And canada goose outlet toronto it’s coming naturally.