Belfort needs to look hard at retirement

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canada goose outlet uk sale OP I can understand how you might be turned off by this. And perhaps you can’t support him. First off, people also haven considered maybe how important his kids are to him. He should finally get his long awaited title shot against the winner of UFC 199’s main event between Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman. Belfort needs to look hard at retirement. He’s lost two of his last three and being 39 years of his age, his time is over.. canada goose outlet uk sale

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Somewhere out in this wild world, there is a donkey that has been forced to live life as a zebra because of an elaborate scam in a Cairo zoo. Nope, this isn a joke. A visitor went to view the zebras in the zoo, only to be greeted by a donkey with stripes painted on him and ears that are a little too big to be a zebra visitor then posted a photo of the animal on Facebook, complete with unmistakably smudged paint.

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