An avid environmentalist, Douglas teamed up with zoologist Mark

His Life and Worlds

’Life! Don’t talk to me about life’Douglas Noel Adams was born in Cambridge on 11 March, 1952. Douglas was considered a strange child and a little slow; walking into canada goose stockists uk lamp posts and taking a while to learn to talk. From 1959 until 1970 Douglas attended Brentwood School in Essex, during which time he was more interested in the field of science than in the arts. The moment he thought seriously about writing for canada goose outlet phone number the first time was at the age of ten, when he got ten out of ten for a composition in Frank Halford’s class reportedly the first and last time Mr Halford gave canada goose jacket outlet uk full marks. Then, when canada goose discount uk he was 11, Douglas had a piece of his writing canada goose outlet price accepted into print a short story in the boy’s annual Eagle about a man who lost his memory, and so he was bitten by the writing ’bug’.So, once bitten, twice canada goose outlet jackets successful. Douglas’s essay on the revival of religious poetry won him an ’exhibition’3 to study English at St John’s College, Cambridge. Douglas was eager to go to Cambridge as he wanted to join Footlights, a comedy revue group there. But in his first term he found them, ’aloof and rather pleased with themselves’ (they even bought sketches from Douglas, but wouldn’t let him perform), and he joined CULES (Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society) instead.Before and while he studied at Cambridge canada goose outlet uk fake he decided to hitch hike to Istanbul and canada goose outlet toronto location all over Europe. In order to make the money for his travels he worked as a chicken shed cleaner, barn builder and hospital porter (in the X ray department of Yeovil General Hospital; he was not unfamiliar with this kind of job as he had worked in an institution for the mentally ill while he was still at school).In his second term he joined Footlights on the strength of Simon Jones, who was, ’friendly and helpful, all the things the others weren’t, canada goose outlet hong kong a completely nice guy’. But as his ideas were not accepted by the rest, he ended up forming the ’guerilla’ revue group Adams Smith Adams. They hired a theatre for a week and with them he had his first considerable hit.’Time is an illusion’Over the next few years Douglas worked with many now famous comedy stars. canada goose outlet store near me He got Griff Rhys Jones into comedy and directed A Kick In The Stalls, which later got the attention of Graham Chapman4 who he then collaborated with on a TV comedy show called Out Of The Trees. It involved a man picking a flower a seemingly innocuous act which triggers off a series of events: the police complain, the fire canada goose outlet vip brigade turns up, then the army and so on until the world blows up. He also worked on several other projects, and among other things he submitted sketches for The Burkiss canada goose outlet los angeles Way, official canada goose outlet Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Weekending.Following this, Douglas entered a rather barren period work wise, due largely to the uncompromising nature of his work his approach was one of a man who adapted the world to fit his comedy rather than the other way round, and so he struggled with the traditional radio comedy sketch format. Despite attempts to get him work by friends such as John Lloyd, during this time Douglas was forced buy canada goose uk to live with his mother and take on another series of character building jobs, such as that of bodyguard to the ruling family of Qatar.He moved from canada goose outlet shop writing for radio to become script editor of Doctor Who, where he was involved canada goose outlet germany in the creation of several stories for the Tom Baker incarnation of the character. During this time he co wrote City of Death, widely considered to be the best Doctor Who story ever, as well as The Pirate Planet and the ultimately unfinished Shada. The episode was shelved due to strike action at the BBC and a third of the story was never recorded. The BBC Doctor Who website later remade Shada as a webcast featuring animation and a new audio soundtrack, this time starring Paul McGann as the Doctor. Douglas would work with Tom again in 1990 however, for the documentary Hyperland.’It’s a sort of electronic book’It was while Douglas was writing for Doctor Who that the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, was commissioned, originally appearing as a BBC Radio 4 series in March 1978, then again in 2004. It has canada goose outlet online uk also been transformed canada goose outlet vancouver into a series of best selling novels, a television series5, records, cassettes and CDs, a computer game, several stage adaptations and a major film.The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in its initial form (radio), was the story of the demolition of planet Earth and the subsequent adventures of the canada goose outlet uk very, very few survivors and those they meet along the way. It introduced the world to characters such as Marvin the paranoid android6, a race of people who construct planets, the babelfish, the finer points of tea and, of course, the answer to the great question of Life, the Universe and Everything 7. Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams’s other publications, when he got around to writing them, included the two Dirk Gently novels, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency8 and The Long, Dark Tea Time of the Soul. Gently (real name Svlad Cjelli) is a detective/conman who runs canada goose outlet online store review up massive expenses bills as a by product of his belief in the ’fundamental interconnectedness of things’.With long time friend John Lloyd, Douglas also composed two quasi reference books, The Meaning of Liff and The Deeper Meaning of Liff, wherein town names were used to fill in the gaps in the English language, for example using the place name Plymouth as a verb meaning: ’to relate an amusing story to someone without remembering that it was they who told it to you in the first place’. John and Douglas also collaborated during the infancy of the Hitchhiker’s radio series to write a canada goose shop uk couple of episodes of the children’s animated TV show Doctor Snuggles.An avid environmentalist, Douglas teamed up with zoologist Mark Carwardine in 1990 and co wrote Last Chance to See an account of their worldwide search for rare and endangered animal species, and also promoted the work of ’Save the Rhino’ and the ’Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation’. He later used an Apple Mac laptop to create a music video starring his daughter Polly, and often expressed his love for all things technological.Douglas was a founder director and Chief Fantasist of The Digital Village, a digital media and Internet company with which he created h2g2 and the 1998 CD ROM Starship Titanic, a Codie Award winning and BAFTA nominated adventure game9. With the launch of PDA and mobile phone versions in April 2005, the site has achieved Douglas’s aim of a handheld, ever expanding guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, written by its users. He had been walking canada goose outlet legit the treadmill and went on for some aerobics. After aerobics it was time for some gym workout. First up was stomach crunches, and Douglas lay down on the bench. canada goose outlet sale The trainer turned to get Douglas’s towel, and when he turned back to hand it over, Douglas rolled off the bench, suffering a massive heart attack. All attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.Douglas left his six year old daughter Polly, his wife Jane, his mother Jan Thrift and countless other family members and friends, not to mention thousands and thousands of fans all over the world, in shock and mourning. It was later learned that he had a narrowing of the arteries in the heart, a condition which is hard to detect, as well as an arrhythmic heartbeat, which is usually benign. These two factors contributed to Douglas’s untimely death at the tender age of 49.He was cremated, along with his towel, at 7.30pm British time, on 16 May, 2001 in Santa Barbara, CA, USA and hundreds of fans worldwide saluted him with a drink around that time, either with a cup of tea or the nearest they could get to a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Wife Jane and daughter Polly moved back to Islington, London, together with their cats. In May 2002 Douglas’ ashes were interred in a private ceremony at Highgate Canada Goose Outlet Cemetery (East), Highgate, London, England, plot: Square 74, Plot 52377, where a memorial stands.

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