ABC has decided to hold three new shows the supernatural

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Canada Goose Jackets The walkout halted production on most prime time dramas and comedies by mid December, leaving ABC Canada Goose Jackets and other networks without fresh episodes once stockpiles of scripts had uk canada goose outlet run dry.Except for a handful of series kept in reserve for mid season launches, the networks were forced to fill their schedules with reruns and canada goose uk shop a glut of strike proof reality TV and game shows starting in January.The first strike idled show ABC plans to bring back is the freshman comedy Who?, starring Christina Applegate as an amnesiac, on April 7, followed by the veteran courtroom drama Legal a day later, each with six new episodes, the Walt Disney Co. Owned network said.ABC top scripted show, Housewives, returns to Wisteria Lane on April canada goose clearance sale 13 for the first of five original episodes, to be capped with a two hour season finale.the serialized castaway thriller that returned as a mid season replacement on January 31, uk canada goose will move to a new Thursday time slot on April 24, along with the relaunch of Anatomy and Betty. Those three shows are all slated to air five new episodes before the season ends.ABC has decided to hold three new shows the supernatural fantasy Daisies, Anatomy spin off Practice and dysfunctional family drama Sexy Money until next season.Two reality shows that took their place during the strike Swap and Nanny are holding their own on Wednesday nights against the Fox network mega hit Idol and will remain on the ABC schedule for now.Another mid season Wednesday offering, Darren Star power femme drama Mafia, aired its last fresh episode last week and will be replaced by the return of In Trees, a relationship drama comedy Canada Goose Outlet set in Alaska starring Anne Heche.ABC was the last of cheap canada goose uk the major broadcast networks to unveil post strike programming intentions.CBS was first out of the block topcanadagoose , announcing plans the day after the strike ended to relaunch three Monday sitcoms on March 17 and to restore several of its powerhouse dramas review , including all three shows, by early April.NBC is bringing back its entire Thursday night bloc, including popular workplace comedy Office and veteran hospital drama but will keep hit superhero drama off cheap Canada Goose the air until fall.Fox said Tuesday it has ordered additional episodes of the dramas and and of the comedies to You and Death, to air in the spring and beyond. Canada Goose Jackets

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