1 Plus, if the rumour mills are correct

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The word ”urgency” in this (very good) paragraph made me realize something. While I do not doubt this at all and in fact recognize the rhetoric very well, I do notice a bit of a parallel with my own views (as this sub as a whole I suspect) on the US right wing. I see them as incompetent, inept, even moronic, morally degenerate sociopaths on one hand, but also believe they are overtly and covertly controlling virtually everything.

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Who would defend socialism and why?Jump to Last Post 1 44 of 44 discussions (492 posts)Certainly the history of socialism is mired in failure and has never come close to the sought after dream that it proposes. The socialism of Nazi Germany, the abssolute brutality of the Soviet Union and China; the more modern attempts by European countries serve to cloud the altruism, peace and harmony that it espouses. Perhaps the brutality that is associated with socialism was replica bags the fault of poor or thuggish leadership.

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